I love all of it; everything Thentix is awesome!

Also, I think the new (tube) design for lip balm is terrific!

(no finger contact with actual fresh product)

Korby Banner. – Toronto, Canada

I have used Thentix (Muscle & Joint Formula) for years after finding it at our state fair...

Often at night i have awful leg and foot pains. After applying Thentix I can go back to bed, pain free within 2 minutes.

I have given it to members of our family and they are equally pleased with their pain relief.

Betty Ahrens Wisconsin

Omg this stuff (Thentix Skin Conditioner) is a miracle cream — helps greatly with my eczema.

C. Mead, Business Owner, Former Cosmetics RepOntario, Canada

This has helped my 3 year old daughter eczema disappear. I also love it (Thentix Skin Conditioner) for my pregnant body. One of my favorite things about it is that you don’t feel greasy and can put clothing on immediately after applying the skin conditioner. I’m so happy I found you at the market that day.

C. Mif

My daughter’s eczema has been much better since trying this cream (Thentix A Touch of Honey Skin Conditioner). Feels amazing. I’m definitely buying more!


Thentix skin conditioner is awesome . I had a rash that would not go away . I was prescribed 2 different creams from the doctor that did not work . I used Thentix and after the second day it was 90% gone . We use it for everything 😊 I even use it on my face as a moisturizer. I would recommend Thentix to everyone 👌

L. Kitchingman

I purchased a small jar of Thentix at the Royal Winter fair a few weeks ago and I wish I had bought more. Probably the best lotion I have tried by far. I have moderate keratosis pilaris and this product has made a huge different for me on my face, arms and hands. My skin is a lot less irritated and very soft. Great product …

F. Halbert

I have used all the products and they are as good as the advertise, I am very happy with these (Thentix) products and I highly recommend them.

Crystal Walker

just wanted to say hi to Dave (Souther AB Thentix Distributor).  I met you at westerner days this year.  I was the volunteer roaming around in the wheelchair.

You put a sample of the (Thentix) skin conditioner on my hands each time I rolled by.   By the end of the week I had no more dry skin.   

I thank you for introducing me to the product. I just ordered 2 more bottles and a pair of gloves.   

Oh FYI. The homecare nurses told me if you put the (Thentix) cream on wet hands it works even better so my hubby and I tried it and it really does help.     

I will be a forever customer. Thank you for being a great rep and sharing the thentix with me.




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