What Curly Hair Products do I Need?

What Curly Hair Products do I Need?


A beautiful lady with a 3b hair type. Thentix offers the perfect shampoo for curly hair and the best conditioner for hair.

As someone with wavy hair, it can be tough to navigate which hair products are best based on your curl type. First, it’s best to determine exactly what type of curls you have or what your curl type is. Also keep in mind that this can be applied to curly hair for women and curls for men.


Lady with 3a curly hair. A hair with loose curls that make an "s" shape in the way they fall. 3a curls are gorgeous. However, this hair type is prone to frizziness and dryness.

3a Hair: This type of curl is more loose, and is the closest to being straight. It typically doesn’t have as much bounce as the other two types of curls. Your best bet for haircare is to opt for shampooing and conditioning once a week to prevent dry hair, and using light oils to lock in your hairs natural moisture.

A beautiful young woman with gorgeous blonde curly hair, more specifically 3b curls.



3b Hair: With this type of hair, you have the best of both worlds, and are more in the middle. These curls typically have more volume than 3a hair and are a bit more tightly packed. With 3b hair, you’ll want to make conditioning take center stage, as moisture is your good friend. You’ll also want to take it easy with heat styling, as this can lead to damage.


Beautiful young woman with 3c hair type. Looking for conditioner for curly hair, look no further because Thentix is the best conditioner for all hair, including curly or wavy hair.


3c Hair: These curls are the most tightly packed and can even be considered to have more coils. If 3b is good friends with moisture, then 3c is moistures bestie. With 3c hair, it’s best to keep your locks as moisturized as possible to help make your curls really pop. Another important aspect is to prevent damage as much as you can, so ensuring you use minimal heat styling with a focus on styles that might including braiding or twisting to help keep your hair strong.


Regardless of your hair type, it’s important to take good care of your beautiful curls and with our wide variety of natural hair products such as our natural hair shampoo and hair conditioner.

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