"We are a family-owned and operated business.  Our company structure is quite simple.


How Thentix started?

The company began with one man, whom without his knowledge of chemistry and Metis awareness of plant-based remedies, this company would not exist. He suffered from psoriasis and was not happy with the results of therapeutic creams he had been given. He formulated different recipes with a holistic chemist and, through trial and error, discovered a formulation that worked wonders. He began packaging this miracle cream and selling it at farmers’ markets and trade shows under the name "Thentix". The name was trademarked -- derived from the Greek letter, Theta, which symbolizes the source of life or life itself.


Select Marketing Canada  LTD obtained the rights for distributing this product in Canada, the United States as well as other parts of the world. The company has helped develop a following for ThentixTM.


From its earliest days, Thentix International Inc. has built trust and understanding with its customers. We had done most of our business through trade shows, with some online sales, with very little social media presence. Today, we are developing a social media platform, to inform people about our products and their wide range of uses.


Thentix A Touch of HoneyTM Skin Conditioner has a lot of uses, from a primer for makeup to an effective moisturizer for radiation burns. Thentix’ most popular uses are for psoriasis, eczema, sunburn and allergic rashes. We have created a brand that is known for its: reliability, quality ingredients, product versatility (works so well on many skin disorders) and our commitment to exceptional customer service. We love receiving feedback from customers about how they use our products and how Thentix has helped with difficult, skin care issues.


As a company, I hope to help people with these skin condition and issues, while also helping offer other a natural skincare alternative!